Audrey fait du sound healing


It all started when...

I went to a sound bath in February of 2016. I felt my heart open when a chime was played above me. After the session, I bought it even though I had no idea what I would do with it. I made a commitment to myself to bathe in sound every new moon, to set intentions for the month to come. After 3 months, I wanted to learn. Again, didn't know why but I felt the urge. By the end of May, I completed the training and started to get my own bowls.

But if I really think back, it might have started in a small shop in Italy where I bought a Fruit of Life necklace. The necklace got me interested in Sacred Geometry. I visited the Mine Crystal in Bonsecours and bought a crystal bowl. Then I made my own native Amerindian drum with Sonia and Jacques from Les Tambours Mikinak. Kept on doing crystal classes and other courses that you would probably call esoteric with Josée Dumas. I met Mikaël Zayat when he did a Spiritual Aromatherapy class on essential oils. Went to a sound bath. Felt my heart open. Bought a chime. Showed up to sound bath monthly. Decided to take a workshop with Sarah Surrenders. Started to get Tibetan bowls. More. And more. Started practicing on people because I wanted to share the good that it did to me. Made another drum. Did a Tuning Fork class. Did a Shaman class with Loumitea at Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Currently studying Medicine Wheel with Nadeije from Roue de Médecine. Did a second Shaman class, this time with Alexandre Nadeau. Studied Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection at Centre Summum. Later registered to their class on Sacred sexuality Tantra 1 and 2. Spent a weekend trying to rewire my brain on how to communicate properly with the ESPERE Method at Yoga Salamandre. ... 

And what I thought made no sense at the beginning is all coming together.
Peace and love

Private session: 100$ for 1h30-2h (talk - one hour of sound - talk)
Group session: starting at 30$ (price may vary according to location)
Private retreat: message me for details

Contact me at 514-278-8596 or to book an appointment.

*During a private session, you will be lying down on a massage mat. Wear confortable clothes. We will address physical pain and/or emotional blocages that you would like to release. 

----------- testimonials -----------

" I went to several private sessions with Audrey. I always feel more grounded and relaxed afterwards. Her evaluations resonated with what was going on in my life. Thanks Audrey."
Romy G.

" I think Audrey is a natural born healer. She gives unconditionally in life and in sound healing. Every time I attend, whether in a private or group session, my physical pains are reduced and my soul sings. Audrey has a very acute instinct in detecting pains of the body and of the soul. I strongly recommend "Audrey's Sound Healing" sessions to absolutely everyone. It's a true gift to ourself to experience such magic. Thank you for sharing your talent and your gift 💗 "
Arielle G.

" Après une séance de sound healing avec Audrey, je me sens comme quand j'ai profité d’un bon massage: tranquille, alignée, chouchoutée. Un drôle de feeling de "mission accomplie" et de relaxation. 
Durant la pratique, je me sens emportée par les sons variés, qui me bercent, m'intriguent et me font voyager à travers des pensées créatives et constructives ou me recentrent et me guident vers des moments de pleine conscience vraiment précieux.
J’aime ses séances remplies de mystères où sons et sacré se rencontrent.
Merci Audrey pour ta sensibilité et ton écoute précieuse. Merci de me faire découvrir ce monde envoûtant avec ta touche de chaman guérisseur."

Marjorie G.

J’ai beaucoup aimé ma session avec Audrey aujourd’hui (anti-parasitaire et bain sonore). La séance m’a permis une relaxation profonde et les bols m’ont permis de me grounder et de rester dans le moment présent le plus possible.
Audrey m’avait averti que mon ventre ferait du bruit, donc c’était une grande satisfaction psychologique de savoir que des entités/énergies négatives sortaient de moi pour être remplacées par de la lumière.
Les bols faisaient vibrer tout mon corps en me ramenant chaque fois au moment et à l’endroit. Certains étaient très mélodiques, ils semblaient accorder toutes mes cellules d’une façon positive. Les huiles essentielles et l’encens (à recevoir selon notre choix) ont beaucoup ajouté à ce bien-être.
J’ai aussi apprécié les qualités personnelles d’Audrey, soit son écoute, sa gentillesse et sa compassion.

Marilyne G.

" Autant sonore que vibratoire, le sound healing avec Audrey me permet un abandon, un enveloppement et une détente totale. Son approche va au delà de la détente, cela fait circuler l'énergie dans le corps et l'âme afin de retrouver l'équilibre... une expérience unique."
Sarah L.

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